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El Pescador Beach Homes

Puerto Nuevo

Campo Pescador - What is the most important feature to look for when buying Real Estate?

That's right, location!

And what does Baja Home Finders always look for?

That's right, the best seafood restaurants!

That's what you get when you choose to live in Campo Pescador?

You get both, because the location is directly next door to, and walking distance to LOBSTER VILLAGE, where you can get the best lobster dinners in Mexico, Five-Star seafood meals, and nearly fast-food prices, from over 30 restaurants!

And most restaurants are walking distance from your new oceanview home!

Check out these 25 incredible seafood restaurants.

1. Villa Ortega's
"It is an institution"

2. The House of the Lobster
“Delicious! Recommended.

3. Puerto Nuevo Restaurant
"Great lobster"

4. Surf Sushi Pub Brewery
"Excellent food, wine and beer!"

5. Sandra's
"Everything was delicious, service"

6. Puerto Nuevo II Restaurant
"Gourmet food in the middle of a beautiful village"

7. The Fisherman's House
"Delicious Lobster !!"

8. Angel Del Mar
"You have to try it"

9. Las Brisas
"Super recommended"

10. New Port 1
"What a wonderful lobster!"

11. Luis Restaurant
"Rico, not expensive and clean place."

12. Seven Seas
"Tasty food with good view"

13. La Escondida
"Good food good prices good service".

14. High Tide Fresh Food
"Everything we had was exceptional!"

15. Patio de Ortega
"Very good lobster"

16. Raices Baja International Cuisine
"Valentine's Day"

17. Hacienda Ortega
"The best Lobster in Puerto Nuevo"

18. El Guero Restaurant Bar
"The best view and food in Puerto Nuevo !!"

19. Seafood
"Exceptional value"

20. Low Splash
"Super Attention !!!"

21. Ana Del Mar
"Super fresh, artisan, fish and ..."

22. Vista Hermosa Resort
"Delicious burritos"

23. Tacho's K38 Shrimp and Fish Tacos
"The best lobster tacos"

24. La Perlita Restaurant
"The best restaurant in Puerto Nuevo"

25. Mar Y Tierra Restaurant
"We recommend Surf and Turf"


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