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Land Lease Beach Homes Available in Baja
This might just be your dream home

Rooftop Terrace, Beachfront Access,
24-Hour live security in a private beach park.

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only $169,900 USD
and $655 per month private park fee.

Fully-Furnished and move-in ready.
This is a fully-furnished two-bedroom, two-bath home with
a huge rooftop terrace, and enclosed parking for a motorhome, a travel trailer, and four cars.

There is 24/7 live security and direct beachfront access to the sandy shores of Rosarito Beach.


This week I am comparing a typical Bank Trust Home Purchase (Fideicomiso) to a Land Lease Home Purchase. When an American citizen purchases a home in Mexico, the title for the home and the land are held in the name of a Mexican bank. The buyer is solely the beneficiary of the trust.
Another method of purchasing a home in Mexico, is to arrange your own personal loan or use an existing home equity loan to pay cash for the home, and lease, not buy, the land. You receive a Bill of Sale for the home in your name. You can live in it, rent it, sell it, or make improvements. You are only renting the land. This is a popular option for beach property, since all beach land in Mexico is government land and therefor public.
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Compare Buyer Costs
Land Lease vs. a Bank Trust Escrow (Fideicomiso) Home Purchase
Buyer Costs Bank Trust Land Lease
Home Purchase Price $100,000 75,000
Land Purchase Price 50,000 0
Total Purchase $150,000 $75,000
Minimum Down Payment $15,000 None
Term 50 Years 10 Years
Renewable Yes Yes
Set Up Charge One-Time Fee 10% of Purchase Price
Set Up Cost $2,000 $7,500
Annual Cost $200 None
Interest Rate 9-10%/year None
Interest/Pmt Amount starts at $833 $350-$600
Total Interest/Lease Pmts. 55,000 57,000
Closing Charge 6% of Purchase Price None
Closing Cost $9,000 None
Property Insurance $1,200 None
Annual Home Owners Insurance $500 $350
Annual Property Tax $650 $175
Closing Coordinator Cost $1,000-$1500 None
Closing Time 60 Days 7 Days
Total Move-in Fee 10% + Closing Costs Home Cost
Total Move-in Cost $30,000 $83,000
10-Year Balance Owed $201,000 $62,000
Monthly Payment $2,000 $620
Total Purchase Price in 10 Yrs. $231,000 $145,000
Savings with Land Lease None $86,000
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